Welcome to Cheercast! Register for your free account to access your routines from competitions around Australia by clicking here

Welcome to Cheercast!

We’re working side by side with many of Australia’s leading Event Providers to distribute your routines via our safe & easy to use online system. No more easily shared dropbox links or remembering multiple passwords, just register for your free Cheercast account once and access all of your routines for the rest of the season!

Plus, your membership gives you exclusive access to lots of extra content, including videos, articles & even sweet deals on merch & products from our partners!

Want to link your account with your program?

To keep your program’s routines secure, we require Cheercast users to re-link their account every 12 months. If your account was created prior to April 31st this year you need to link your account if you want to access your routines.

This is a simple process that takes less than a minute and the only thing you need is your program’s linking password, which you can get from your coach or program owner.

Virtual Events on Cheercast

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing the cancellation or postponement of events around Australia, many Event Providers are pivoting to creating virtual and hybrid competitions for the 2020 season.

Cheercast is working directly with many of Australia’s leading EPs to deliver technology and services to support them in creating exciting, innovative virtual competitions.

Hi, We’re Cheercast!

Heres what we do…

All of your routines, absolutely free.

Cheercast provides access to all of your routines, as well as interviews, schedules, results and videos from competitions and events we’re partnered with across Australia.

High quality, full HD downloads.

Having high quality, full HD copies of your routines from competitions is a great resource for training and showing your friends and family your incredible skills!

Safe & secure access.

We understand the incredible amount of time & effort that goes into creating the perfect routine, which is why we’ve developed a secure, easy way for you to access them via your Cheercast account.

Access on any device.

Whether you’re viewing on a laptop, tablet, mobile device or streaming to a TV or big screen in your gym, you’ll be able to watch all of your routines in high quality, full HD.

A bunch of extras, just for our members.

Not only will we be providing a huge range of extra content from every event we’re at, we’ll also be working with our partners to bring you some amazing deals on Cheer & Dance merch, equipment and so much more.

Our Story

Cheercast was founded in 2018 as a live streaming platform suited specifically to the All Star Cheer and Dance industry, where our members had access to live streams and replays of many of Australia’s competitions as well as their individual routines from each event.

 In 2019, we expanded our service offering to focus on creating Australia’s leading platform for accessing routines, schedules & results from competitions across Australia. We’ve also invested significantly in our online and onsite technology, which has allowed us to offer EPs the option of having routines online within 5-10 minutes of performance.

Since our inception, Cheercast has been committed to consistently innovating and expanding our services to make it better for our users, from Event Providers and Programs, to coaches, athletes and all those who support them.

Take a trip down memory lane, check out last year’s competitions!

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