How to watch and download your routines

You can watch and download your routines by visting one of the following pages:

Competition Pages

For every event that Cheercast is onsite for, we have a page on our website that represents that event. This page includes information about the event, a schedule and results listing, a list of any awards given out, extra content videos (like recaps and interviews).

If you’re logged in and your account is linked with a program that is entered in the event, you will also see a section that lists the routines from this event with their respective watch and download links.

To watch or download a routine on this page, simply click the Watch Routine or Download button on the specific routine, as per the below image. If you see the message ‘There are no routines available yet, please check back soon’ this means we haven’t uploaded the routines for your program yet. If you still see this message and you think the routines have been uploaded, please check your linked program to ensure this is ‘Active’.

Routines Page

The routines page shows all of the routines from your linked program that have ever been uploaded through the Cheercast system.

Like the competitions page, you can watch or download these routine videos by clicking the relevant button. You can use the search or filtering options to narrow down the routines shown on this page, as depending on how many events your program attends each year, this page by default will show a large number of routines.

Routines will be available to watch and download online either within 10 minutes of performing or within 1-2 days, depending on the event and the service we are providing to the Event Provider

Last Updated July 19, 2020

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