Connecting to Cheercast’s production studio for live routines

If you’re on this page, it means you’re either you’ve scheduled a technical rehearsal for an upcoming event or you’ll be competing at an event and you need a refresher, either way we’re looking forward to connecting with you and running you through the process and checking your setup.

Technical rehearsals are also a great time to ask any questions about the technical process or how it will work on the day, but please note our team are not able to answer questions about scoring or other EP directives.

If you haven’t already, we recommend reading our article on broadcasting from your facility to our studio, which provides a good overview of the equipment, setup and process for the competition day. This article you’re reading now will go over the specifics of how to connect to our studio using the link provided to you during the scheduling process or by your EP directly. Unless otherwise advised, this link is the same for both the technical rehearsal AND the actual competition.

Before you join on the day, we recommend running an upload speed test on your internet (we recommend using around a similar time to when you’ll be performing on the day and on the network you’ll be using to connect to our studio. Our production team will likely ask you for this upload speed result from this test when you join.

Logging into our studio (Call In TV)

Once you’ve scheduled your time, you will recieve a link in the following format:

Upon clicking this link, you will be directed to a page with a form which you need to fill in. When accessing this page, your browser might prompt you to let it access your microphone and camera, make sure you allow this, otherwise we won’t be able to see your video or hear your audio.

Depending on your browser, sometimes it can be hard to see the text in each form field on Desktop, but you only need to fill in the Name (top right – please use your PROGRAM NAME so we can identify you) and Email (second from top, left side). The image below shows what this might look like if you’re connected from a desktop.

Once you’ve entered your Program Name and Program Email (you can leave the other fields blank), click the ‘Join the Show’ button to connect with us. You will be forwarded to our studio and will be added to the queue. Please ensure to enter your Program name as it is written in the Work Order or Schedule, so our team know who you are and can quickly identify you in the system.

Streaming your routines to the studio

Once you’ve logged in and connected to the studio, you will be placed into a queue while you wait for our studio operator to bring you in. During the technical rehearsal, our operator will bring you in straight away. On the live competition day, you might wait in the queue a bit longer than usual if there are other programs already in the studio, as we can only hold 4 programs in the studio at once.

Once you’ve been admitted into the studio, our production team will check your video and audio settings to make sure we can see and hear you. Prior to connecting with us, you can use the camera app on your device to check your positioning and make sure the floor is in full view (or as much as possible in your space), but once you’ve connected with us, we ask that you don’t leave the browser window and use the camera, as our studio will be using it, which could cause issues. Our team will provide instructions if we need you to re-position the camera.

When you’re connected to the studio, you’ll be able to see either a red or green screen and the name, program and division of the currently performing (if the screen is green) or next up team (if the screen is red). You’ll also be able to hear our production team and communicate with us directly, but because it will likely be loud in your venue, we use these visual cues to ensure you know exactly what to do!

Once we’ve checked your settings and have confirmed we’re receiving your video and audio, you’ll wait until you see your routine’s name on the screen with a red background. This will be your cue for the team to get ready and be prepared to either enter the floor, or do their set/chant. We’ll also show the scheduled compete time for your routine and the current time, which you can use to determine how much time you have until your team will be expected to begin their routine.

Once the screen background becomes green (this will generally follow the compete time of the work order/schedule), you should tell your team to enter the floor and/or begin their routine. If your team were already on the floor for a previous routine and have reset, this is their cue to do their set or chant and begin the routine. Essentially, when the background is green, your team will be ‘live’ in our system and they should begin their routine. If you need us to wait or have any other delays at your facility, you should inform us immediately.

If there are any delays on our end that will cause your routine not to begin at the scheduled time, we will inform you as soon as we can and the screen will remain red.

For more information about this process, you can read the article ‘Broadcasting from your facility to Cheercast’s production studio’ and if you have any other questions prior to your tech rehearsal, visit the contact us page or click the live chat button in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

Throughout the day, you will always be able to chat with our technical team via audio when you’re connected to the production system or via our dedicated Whatsapp group at all other times. We recommend having a single person at your facility who is our contact and who is responsible for connecting to our system and liaising with us.

Last Updated September 16, 2020

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